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Eyes on Derelik


About a week ago CVA announced that Derelik would from now on be included in their area of operations, which means the opposition to our own operations has grown a significant bit. This is not all bad though, a larger enemy is harder to miss and prone to show more weak spots. Not to mention the sense of security in the region means it will be more likely to find careless pilots naive enough to believe all will be well. It’s a shame to see so many pilots welcome these zealots with open arms as if they were saviors, not seeming to realize that pledging allegiance means they will be serving the interests of the Empire rather than their own.

The joy that was felt as Kosh returned to our ranks has yesterday been curbed when Korthan filed his resignation. Admired by all of us for his combat experience, his battlelust collided with our preference for guerrila tactics, and in the end caused so much friction the decision was taken by him to part on good terms. It’s a damn shame to lose someone who despite his disagreements remained loyal to the very end. I wish him well in finding the home that suits him.

Speaking of Kosh, we had our first kill by carrier, and strong is the irony around the pilot on the receiving end of this. Dame Death, a Matari pilot who showed promise despite her shortcomings, left us after two weeks of employment due to a change of heart. Her GalNet post reveals the finer details on what caused this. In her efforts to show everyone she walks a path of redemption we have received our second war declaration, so that she “may shoot at all of us freely” (those are her own words).

Despite the fact that things are growing increasingly busy I am going planetside for the next week, a vacation that has been postponed for too long now. I look forward to some well deserved rest and meditation. Anyone assuming that Ghost Festival will be easy pickings during that time is gravely mistaken however. The directorate will be covering for me and my residence is equipped will FTL communications access.

Putting down my boot.


At long last I am starting to feel more comfortable in my CEO seat. Putting down my boot, as counter-intuitive as it seemed, is having positive effects on Ghost Festival. The roster looks a lot cleaner with those gone missing removed. While most were new recruits, or pilots that have not been pulling their weight to begin with, I do wonder what happened to Kai and Kosh.

Currently everything is being reviewed, improved and defined, from corporate policies to internal affairs and training. This takes a tremendous amount of time and energy but will ensure that as we grow there will be little to no incidents. I am in particular very pleased with the efforts that Athas and Korthan have been putting into this. We have however also been looking towards extending into the fields of industry again, public details on this will however not been disclosed at this time.

We are happy to share however that more pilots have been joining our ranks with more waiting to become a member of the family. The numbers are still fewer than I would like to see but with raising the bar slightly higher on what pilots are required to fly this was to be expected. A line has to be drawn, else we will remain where we are forever. And that is not exactly what I have in mind.

I am excited about what the future holds, and I hope all Ghosts share this sentiment with me. I’m not going to tolerate those refusing to uphold a few basic rules anymore. It’s time we start to mirror the Cartel’s professionalism if we ever want to stand a chance in Curse. It is my firm belief that not numbers or hull sizes, but the correct mindset, will determine our success. And to get there we first need to make sure Derelik knows who is haunting their space lanes.