Please bear with me

Teddy bear

Please bear with me

-10.0 points of sec status to burn, -10.0 points of sec.

You shoot a rat, bam it’s dead.
-9.9 points of sec status to burn, -9.9 points of sec…

Yes, that is right, I am losing that beloved -10. “But Myrhial, weren’t you like restarting Ghost Festival and stuff?”, I can hear you think. Yes, indeed, I am — with help from Casiella I got to say, who really deserves a mention, and my old friend and advisor Aria Jenneth. Oh and all the fine folk in PRELI, and our outside supporters. But I digress.

So what this is all about? All part of our MasterPlan(tm). Does that mean no more yarr? Hell no! We’re simply expanding our scope / playfield, just like the Cartel itself has a finger in every pie. I’d love to tell all about it already but for the sake of operational security I have to wait just a wee bit longer. Please bear with me (pun intended).

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  • dame

    hit me up myrth ill get u from 10 to -4.9 in 4h just did it with dame :(

  • Milo

    Guess Stain has a useful purpose after all :D