Breaking the silence and preparing for Fanfest


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yeah, I really dropped the ball as of late, although I’m more correct if I say several things made me drop the ball. I’ve had my share of computer problems, eventually resolved by buying a retired graphics card from a friend, which ended up replacing a card given to my by another friend to replace the initial card I had. At least each new card was an upgrade, so I have future-proofed my machine for a while again. Meanwhile my media account expired at the start of March, which I only noticed several days in. Suddenly two EVE accounts to fund, which is pretty rough if you can’t properly run the game. There has been a gaming backlog building up because not a great many things ran for very long before I crashed due to overheating. And then there are various real life issues that piled on top of that. Ugh!

As that goes with the main figure missing, things have been on the decline for both PRETA and PRELI. The latter has seen most of its directors step down due to time constraints or feeling the need to move on. The former, well, pretty much the same. Also, I feel my age is starting to show. In August, I will hit the five year mark, and most of that has been spent by being a CEO. I suppose I kinda burned myself out as well trying to run two corporations who both needed a lot of effort. I feel we did really well with PRETA, this last summer. Despite the state of the game we had some good months in Curse. With PRELI, we did really well the last few months. But as it goes, what goes up has to got to fall again. I’m not the only one stuck in a rut, I feel corp members are in the same kind of state. There have been some that have really tried to turn things around, but when you try to motivate people who don’t really want to be motivated you don’t really get anywhere.

So, where is this all going? Well, in a few days, I am leaving to the beautiful country of Iceland to attend Fanfest. This will be an excellent week of seeing people, being amongst the first to see all the new things that are in store for us, but also a week to clear my head and take some distance from everything in another environment.

I suspect, just like last year did, I will find inspiration again. But I’m also prepared for that to not happen again. I know that Fanfest is always that most critical time of the year, it’s like a push in the back that puts you back into speed and keeps you rolling along. And if that does’t happen, well, that is a clear sign that nothing else is likely to do it either. Hence, I have put off any decisions regarding my future in EVE, as well as the future of the corporations and alliance under my lead, until after I get back home. I’ve got some things left that I want to do, but without anything new I’m unsure how much time is left in that.

That is the beauty of EVE though, it’s such a massive game something is always left for you to do, and unlike other games there is not the block of having to, for example, level up a new class. Granted, more and more MMOs are offering class changes, knowing probably that someone who has played for many years and is tired of their class may not always want to restart from scratch. But in EVE, this is something that doesn’t need to cost a thing, especially for an older character like mine who has access to a lot of ships and skills, with an alt that covers the rest.

If I keep playing, I hope to maintain this blog. I’ve not participated in the last two blog banters, purely because the topics didn’t interest me. I haven’t tried the new NPE, and my CSM votes are mostly based on the vote matcher and who happened to capture my attention without spamming my evemail box. But that meant I had nothing else to write about for a month. I suppose some Fanfest posts are going to make up for that though! I also hope I can remain on the Blog Pack, at least for now, as I am one of the longest listed blogs on there now and I don’t really want to break my record streak just yet. However, should I just not play and write enough, I’m fine with being removed and simply take pride in how long I have kept at it.

So, that’s the state for things. I’ve not quit, and at worst I will become extremely casual or take a break, but I’m hoping Inferno will have some goodies that will keep me going. I have a few PLEX now that will get me through that, and I’m sure I can make more in that time. Or pay my subscription with cash again, as I did for Myrhial to get the account active again. I know I could have asked for some time to plug in a PLEX, but well, the only one I had left at that time I’ve donated to the office tour. Those children need the money more than I do, really. Plus, if I win, I get to rave at the devs about pirate stuff, how awesome would that be right?

Well, that’s it for now. Back to finishing up things that need to be done before I leave. To those who are also going, see you there, hope to meet some of you again this year! And to those not going, there is always the live stream.

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