Fanfest 2011 review – Thursday


Day 3: Thursday: Fanfest day 1

Started off with walking to the venue. Jeesh, I am already terribly out of shape and two days of partying do not help there. But the trip was survived and it was time to claim the swag. Very pleased with my fansite badge, too bad it didn’t mention character name though. I think that would help with putting people’s name out there. Found some extra goodies in my bag that other people did not get, like EVE socks, small bottle of Brennivin and Vampire: The Requiem mug. Shame the t-shirt included is XL, though with some handiwork I can resize that to something more suiting me.

Everyone also got the EVE Online authenticator, which will be implemented soon as an extra security measure to the game and for which we are the guinea pigs. Rather neat because after several years of playing my account is something I really would not want to lose. Hoping that just like WoW we may one day see it as an iPhone/Android app. We went up to the Security presentation for a little while where more information was given on the authenticator, but snuck out again to view the Opening Ceremony.

After that it was time for Fansites roundtable. The best thing that came out of it is the redesign of the fansite page on the website. Was kinda odd to hear them so held back about possible favoritism with doing things like monthly fansite highlights. This is already being done with celebrating the creative player. And as was mentioned, the community itself kinda does it with the blog pack. Hard work deserves a reward. As an afterthought I think they could afford to be selective though, make sure to highlight good stuff that is not already receiving a lot of attention. Was neat to put some more faces to names, I already spoke to CK the night before and I knew what Roc looked like from pictures, but now I also got to see Manasi, Seismic Stan from Freebooted, and Gigaer from the blogger community. Not to mention various tool developers (yay Dotlan and iClone) were there. Speaking of Roc, having him personally comment on how he really likes my writing is motivation that is going to last me for a long while. Not that all the other people who say this are suddenly being brushed aside, mind you, I thank each and every one of you for your kind words. It is funny in a way, until this fanfest I really considered myself a small fry. Even though I see from the traffic logs that people do read this, I never knew that many people really appreciate what I am doing. Ah warm and fuzzy feeling!

More e-fame time for me when after the roundtable it was time for my EVE TV interview. For those who have not seen it (that includes me) I am trying to get a hold of a recording or some news on when it might get published. Stevie is such a darling, she helped me calm down before the interview and gave me a big hug afterwards for doing so well. I can see why so many EVE players love her, she has both looks and personality.

After fetching some well deserved food and catching up with Veto people we went over to the character creator presentation. A bit heavy on the technobabble (not for me, but I do have the required background) but very interesting none the less. I seriously cannot wait until we get more clothing options. With the Apex clothing demo showing off pretty dresses I want the EVE equivalent of that.

The day was concluded with the Veto pool tournament, where I did not actually play any pool, but did learn the basics of chess (there was a board on our table). Also got to meet Misan and Rathnon Domitras. It was a nice evening to just sit around and talk to people.

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  • Raxip Elamp

    Cannot wait to see your interview! It was great to see you again, also. Maybe see you again next year :P

    • Myrhial Arkenath

      Stevie replied to my email saying all stuff is going on CCP's Youtube channel. It will surely be linked here once I find it. Got to pimp my e-fame ;) See you next year again! Drag your sister along if she can make it too, she's such a lovely person.

  • @Wollari

    Sadly there wasn't enough time between all those sessions and roundtables to have more talks with you all. And my cold kept me in the hotel in the first days. Well … another day, another fanfest :-)

    • Myrhial Arkenath

      Colds ftl, there seemed to be an outbreak of manflu. I really love Dotlan, so much love for that. See you next year :)

  • Quivering Palm

    hey was great to meet you live in FanFest! keep up the great blog!

    • Myrhial Arkenath

      Thanks, was great meeting a fellow blogger :)

  • Vieve

    There's a fansite page? Sheesh. I had no idea.

  • T'Knaath

    Hey! I have been reading your blong for a long time and I finally got to meet you at fanfest.
    Or rather at the Veto party afterwards. :)

    If you remember, Yourself and I were interviewed by that tall pod caster guy who kept asking questions about CSM.

    Anyways. It was nice to meet you in person.

    Zero Seven,


    • Myrhial Arkenath

      Teehee, we had such a laugh the next day about that guy drinking from the candle stick. Thanks for leaving a reply.