Message from EON Magazine: EON Magazine #027‏

EON Magazine #027 Cover

EON Magazine #027 Cover

In Dust 514 We Trust

Chemical Brothers-inspired headlines abound as we at last get some shoot-in-face time with CCP’s first console game, DUST 514. With 12 pages devoted to the PS3 shooter, we first follow the adventures of Team Haggis, winner of the inaugural Dust tournament, before procrastinating over the game’s lengthy feature list and the implications the release will have for EVE Online, New Eden and the wider universe of games. The parallel journey into a familiar world starts here!

Assault Ship Testflight

Having repackaged the Tier-3 battlecruisers, EON’s chief test pilot Kirith Kodachi fits and flies out another batch of Crucible vessels – EVE’s venerable assault ships. Between them these heavy-hitting frigates have received, thanks to January’s 1.1 release, the most eagerly-approved upgrades since the word ‘iteration’ was invented. All eight ships are given the full Testflight treatment in one of the biggest round-ups in EON history.

CSM6 In Review

Seleene, the latest to head the Council of Stellar Management, looks back over the events of the last 12 months from the above-and-behind view reserved for the privileged members of EVE’s player-elected council. He takes us through the record-breaking vote a year ago, into meetings with CCP, past the so-called Summer of Rage and occupation of Jita and through the redemptive expansion known as Crucible. It’s been quite a journey.

Understanding Time Dilation

Just as there’s more to time travel than a DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, Time Dilation is more than just a slo-mo switch the developers casually throw when the hamsters get tired. To understand TiDi we must understand the nature of lag itself, which is actually best illustrated by visiting the bar and getting some beers in.


  • The Eve News 24 Story
  • The Ammatar Mandate
  • CCP Diagoras & Flying Scotsman
  • Machariel worship
  • The Fall & Rise of Ushra’Khan
  • Profiled: Odyssey Inc, DUST Uni and Lollipops for Rancors
  • Making the most of exploration
  • Postcards from the Edge
  • Teh Lighter Side of EVE

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