Premature rebirth: Naraka v2.0


'Rebirth of a Man' by Nader Makki

Back in Ghost Festival and Naraka, a little sooner than expected as well. Let’s start with a recap, considering I’ve effectively maintained radio silence for a good three months. I’ll be doing most of this by memory, as my access from Veto’s communication network has been revoked. Yes, more on that later as well, bear with me here.

My activity in space during these months has been low, as I’ve spent it mostly station-side suffering apathy towards everything and everyone around me. Even amongst former Ghosts, I felt alone, so I kept confined to my quarters dabbling in planetary industry to keep some form of income. My own fault to some extend, as I never planned to stay here for the long run and made that quite clear.

There was also the loss of VCS Acquisitio — a Tengu class — during Operation Platinum Halo. It all started out so well, getting a small fleet together and sneaking into Curse where we would work for the Cartel. Morwen, Mortis and Plumb were with me, as well as Fey Delade and Great Artista. Being unprobable sure gave us an edge in hostile terrain, and with interdiction invulnerability and a covert-ops cloak moving about was no longer an act of suicide. It was indeed not capsuleers that brought my ship to its knees, but the simple combination of scrambling and webbing Gallente Navy frigates circling the dropout point of the very last acceleration gate of an highly important series of missions. Something about researchers, the details elude me as I didn’t exactly pay attention to them. The Cartel wants something done and I do it, simple as that. But yes, an egger beaten by non-eggers, due to them cleverly exploiting the one weakness of my setup, a speed tank. I was lucky though, I took down the objective with me and thus did not suffer a standings setback. Just the loss of slightly over a billion invested, and a skill level yanked out of my brain. While I did almost break even on selling Cartel goods and other mission spoils, the latter did leave me a little shaken. Medical staff assured me that everything was alright, no damage other than forgetting part of what I learned was detected, but I am still convinced it triggered something somewhere in my unconsciousness that drove me to becoming a recluse.

It was August when I got contacted by Alexander Rykis about laying the foundations of a grand new Angel Cartel loyalist alliance: Ghost Syndicate. While his methods and attitude were controversial and abrasive, there was potential in the idea of forming a group that would be the CVA of the Angels. Feeling restless in my “home” I decided to take a chance and help with the formation stage and see where it would lead us, thus joining Resistance Project. Alas, after only 7 days the whole thing got called off. Even with known and respected loyalists like Aria Jenneth and myself, and the inclusion of Nikita Alterana and her project Risen Angels, the continued mistrust and ridicule from the capsuleer community towards Alex got to him. And there was the failed attempt to infiltrate Stillwater through an associate as well. Hadn’t he decided to end things, I would have left, as targeting Stillwater for valuing their independence is something I simply cannot agree with. I had hoped I could have steered him away from his ill feelings towards them, but alas. As he denounced the Cartel, had a short stay within Star Fraction, and eventually moved on from being a CEO to joining an existing corporation, I found myself back home in Ghost Festival. Now there I can see a question arise. Why did I not return to Veto? The answer is fairly simple. The same day RESPR defected Veto announced that 40% of its shares are now under Guristas ownership, moving them from independent contractors to the status of Guristas loyalists.

In the two weeks I’ve been back I have been working hard – and so has Marcus Gord who has returned to lead PRELI —  on getting everything ready to reopen recruitment. A meeting with representatives of Risen Angels, Anshar Incorporated and Stillwater was held, where mutual blue standings including exchange of goods and services with the former two and an NAP with the latter was reached. While it was sure to happen due to the alignment with the Guristas, we were reset by Veto and followed suit, after a poor choice of words by Nikita Alterana sped up the process. Thus we shall be leaving Goinard, which should curb any rumors that “we would have never survived weren’t it for Veto”. Our new home is already decided on, and the last work is being done on a clear formulation of our goals, as well as a final review of policies, rules and organisational procedures. Keep an eye on the IGS, and another one on my Galnet Blog for more information soon. For now I have to get back to work.

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  • Cain Jacobi

    Good luck with reviving Ghost Festival, I hope things go well for you and that your alliance thrives in the future.