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A’J: MRID – Interview with Julianus Soter

Julianus Soter

Julianus Soter, capsuleer license image

Following the interview with Rhavas, I took the opportunity to interview another member of the Multidisciplinary division of Arek’Jaalan, Julianus Soter. Similar as to the previous publication, we take a look at the man and the division he works in. We also cover Project Trinity, which falls under his lead, and how this contributes to its division and A’J as a whole.

Please start off with a short introduction of yourself and your capsuleer background, Corporations, alliances and other organizations that had a significant impact or where you held a position can be incorporated too.
I was born and raised on the surface of Gallente Prime, educated in the public school system, and selected for capsuleer training. Initially I was recruited from the Center for Advanced Studies capsuleer pool into Strix Armaments and Defence, which provided the basis for my capsuleer training and involvement in the Federation’s border territories.

After leaving this corporation, joined Stellar Legion alliance, Flying Tigers corporation as a diplomatic officer. My experience in 0.0 would then translate to the paramilitary organization FOOM (The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc.) within the BRUCE (Brutally Clever Empire) alliance.

Following the Seyllin Incident, I decided to redirect my efforts towards research of w-space, and founded the Synenose Accord, which is still in operation today, to host and provide data for the Seyllin Conferences, publicly held scientific meetings that capsuleers were invited to attend to present research on the Sleepers, Talocan, and w-space as a whole.

I would then return to Federation space in interest of preserving the Federal Frontier for astropolitical stability, founding the Moira corporation to do so. During the operation of this paramilitary organization, intelligence was transmitted to the Synenose Accord, and thus to me, of the imminent Sansha threat. I dedicated Moira to the destruction of this threat.

What is Project Trinity?
Project Trinity is a multidisciplinary effort to test the hypothesis that the Jovian Trinary Data fragment Moira Corporation possesses from the Admiral Ouria incident in Stain is in any way related to the Trinary Hub facilities in class 4 w-space, and additionally, the Trinary Data located within Professor Burreau‘s abandoned Helios-class frigate that was destroyed this year.

Why was the project set up, what is the background story or motivation?
The implications of any possible relationship between the Jovians and the Sleepers and/or Talocan are tremendous. It would point towards a more significant anthropological link between the various branches of Humanity, but may also very well uncover the curious mystery of why the Seyllin event occured in the first place.

What are the aims of the project?
Our goals with Project Trinity are the complete resolution, either confirmation, or otherwise, of the Trinity Hypothesis, regarding the  Sleeper/Talocan/Jove link.

Who works on the projects? Where other divisions than the Multidisciplinary involved?
At the moment, only the Multidisciplinary division is involved in the project, and of that division, only Moira corporation has assets deployed in space. Numerous pilots have aided in discussions and review of the theory behind the project, however.

How does the project work, what activities do those involved take part in, what methods and tools were used? / What location(s) did the project take place in?
Moira corporation constructed a starbase within class four space, with sophisticated defence systems and infrastructure required to maintain a long-term Blind, for observation and field operations purposes, within w-space. Class four space was chosen as it is the natural home of the Trinary Hub facilities, and thus, is our focus for the context of this project.

Combat reconnaissance teams were dispatched to scour the areas of space around Trinity Base, to locate Trinary hubs and collect sufficient data for the project through data extraction,s signals analaysis, and other advanced investigative methods. Combat forces were required to prevent attacks from Sleepers and other capsuleers.

Is the project still running or finished?
Trinity Base is still operational, however, the project is on standby pending review by Dr. Tukoss.

Are more people needed, and if so how can they get involved?
If Dr. Tukoss indicates additional study is required, then more personnel may be deployed.

What does this project mean to A’J as a whole? What was its impact or significance in the greater whole?
Resolving the issue of the relationship between the Jovians and their possible involvement of w-space would solve one link of the larger w-space mystery. It might stimulate additional hypotheses regarding the true nature of the Sleepers and Talocan, their current ‘absensce’ and whether or not the Jovians played a larger role in the Seyllin Incident.

Where there any problems or incidents in the project, or in A’J as a whole that affected the project?
The project is facing turnaround delays due to Eifyr and Co. work backlog.

Any other notable facts or additions regarding the project?
The project successfully assembled data from a Trinary Hub facility, and we feel that there is a good possibility the Trinary Hubs and Jovian Trinary Data are indeed related.

As you also work on the Security division, what does your job cosist of there?
The Security division is as of this time defunct, as the channel operators of the Division were disbarred from the larger Arek’Jaalan project, and no new channel operators were appointed.

How can readers interested best get involved in future work done by the Multidisciplinary or Security division, or A’J as a whole?
Multidisciplinary is always looking for open-minded pilots with the initiative to seek out solutions to challenging problems.

A’J: MRID – Interview with Rhavas


Rhavas, capsuleer license image

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the capsuleers active in the Multidisciplinary division of Arek’Jaalan (hereafter referred to as A’J), Rhavas. In this article we take a look at him, the division he is active in, and two of the projects under his lead. He also lets us in a little on what goes on in Arek’Jaalan as a whole, and how those interested can become involved.

Please start off with a short introduction of yourself and your capsuleer background, Corporations, alliances and other organizations that had a significant impact or where you held a position can be incorporated too. 
I graduated from the Republic Military School and didn’t join up with a corporation right away. Instead I spent a great deal of time exploring New Eden, particularly visiting the shattered planets that were the legacy of what would later be known as the Seyllin Incident. I was briefly with a small military corporation called Lupus Vires in Derelik, which folded a few months later. Free again, I worked with Boundless Creation scientists for a while again on exploration but eventually the project took on a life of its own, and eventually led to the Shattered Planets Datacore. After most of my exploration was done, I spent nearly a year at Eve University, where I flew as a Lieutenant (jg) in the Ivy League Navy as a scout and combat pilot. I left there and now am a member of the Corporation of Noble Sentiments, headquartered in Essence. I am an active research with Arek’Jaalan, primarily on the Multidisciplinary division but collaborating with the Talocan Technology and Sleeper Technology groups as well.

What is Project Tesseract and Project Catapult? (Hereafter “the project” refers to either) 
Both are specific projects under the Arek’Jaalan Multidisciplinary division that deal with wormhole chemistry, physics and navigation.

Why was the project set up, what is the background story or motivation? 
I set up these two in particular because I have two major interests in this arena, and those two interests tie directly to these two projects.

The first is simply a hunger to understand – what happened, what drove it, what it means, and how to control such unbelievable forces. In my travels and studies I have determined that Isogen-5 is potentially a force for unholy destruction but also awe-inspiring creation. It is a source of energy unlike anything we can truly comprehend in current New Eden technology, and the potential impacts to us if we could harness it are almost impossible to contemplate.

The second is, simply put, space is big. Another thing my travels have taught me is that, even with the wonders of warp and gate technology, it simply takes an inordinate amount of time to get anywhere beyond your immediate environs. I have a passion to bring rapid travel over huge distances to the masses of the capsuleer population.

What are the aims of the project? 
Project Tesseract is, at some level, simply the porting over and updating of all the knowledge I incorporated into the Shattered Planets Datacore. It is about the Seyllin Incident’s causes and effects, the A0 Blue stars, the shattered planets, and the mysterious isotope known as Isogen-5 that appears to have been intimately tied to that event. It is a direct outgrowth of my desire to understand the uses of and implications of the energy that created the wormholes.

Project Catapult is an in-depth investigation of the Sansha capability to create point-to-point wormholes with a goal of understanding and if possible duplicating the capability. It is a direct outgrowth of my desire to understand how all capsuleers might take advantage of such capability.

Who works on the projects? Where other divisions than the Multidisciplinary involved? 
Multidisciplinary is sort of a strange division. We are at some level the “et cetera” of Arek’Jaalan. While most of our projects focus on astronavigation, there are other wildly different efforts as well, including reviews of Trinary data structures (used by the Jove and Sleepers) and cloning and mind transfer investigations. In the astronavigational projects, we work heavily with other teams, particularly Sleeper Tech and Talocan Tech.

How does the project work, what activities do those involved take part in, what methods and tools were used? 
Right now, Tesseract is largely a placeholder for me to move information to when I can find the time, and will hopefully spur new capsuleer-led ideas and explorations to fill in the blanks that I have.

Catapult requires a significant amount of capsuleer assistance in using photography drones to capture sky pictures for comparison of nebulae with the Sansha wormholes, as well as attempting to reverse engineer or acquire the Sansha technology that currently exists.

One of the biggest challenges that Arek’Jaalan faces is that we are heavily dependent on the scientists from Eifyr assisting Dr. Tukoss to give us solid analyses of the numerous captures that we bring back for processing, and unfortunately they are far behind schedule given that our efforts are at some level “not their day job”. They have their business to see to first and can only provide us with so much processing time.

What location(s) did the project take place in? 
Both involve almost the entirety of New Eden in their scope. To narrow it a little, Tesseract is focused on the nine shattered planet systems, the three echo systems, the Eve gate and the wormholes themselves, where Catapult is almost literally a search for the proverbial needle in the haystack. We think the source of the Sansha wormholes is somewhere in Stain but the preponderance of the evidence thus far suggests otherwise.

Is the project still running or finished? 
Tesseract has a great deal of time already invested but has a lot of “restarting” work to do.

Catapult is underway right now.

Are more people needed, and if so how can they get involved?
Tesseract mostly needs skilled archivist assistance, and time and patience from the same. It involves a lot of culling through months worth of travel data from myself and others and distillation of that data down to current facts that others can then use to expand what we know about this critical potentiality.

Catapult needs capsuleer assistance immediately, and we’ll take as much as we can get, particularly pilots living in or willing to go to Stain. Our immediate goal is to localize the Sansha launching system and attempt to track down the source ship or station. This means nebular captures from almost every known constellation in New Eden, which is a great deal of work.

What does this project mean to A’J as a whole? What was its impact or significance in the greater whole? 
I suppose you’d have to ask Dr. Tukoss for the official answer to that question, but I’m one of the more “applied science” people on the project, and to me while there is much to discover in the broad scope of the initiative, the most interesting pieces are the ones in which we can determine how to use the technology that was apparently commonplace to these ancient societies. I find their archaeology fascinating, and the Rogue Drones amazing to watch evolve, but I think that the understanding and application of the ancient technology is what could really move the capsuleer world forward. It’s the glue that holds everything else together.

Where there any problems or incidents in the project, or in A’J as a whole that affected the project? 
I think what the Arek’Jaalan initiative has suffered from most is some of the well-publicized political conflicts between Sansha and Empire loyalists. This seems to have calmed somewhat in recent weeks, so I am hopeful that we will pull together on these efforts. I will admit that I was very surprised to get almost no feedback either within the project or from the Intergalactic Summit members when I proposed and looked for assistance on Project Catapult. I expected a firestorm. For our part, we want to work with anyone who will help. We’re about results, not politics.

Any other notable facts or additions regarding the project? 
Other parts of the Multidisciplinary effort are coming along very well. Mark726 has turned in a report on Project Compass, which is trying to determine the localization relationship of New Eden to the Wormhole clusters. Julianus Soter’s efforts around Project Trinity are bringing in impressive results. Project Atlas, the mapping of wormhole space, has a lot of energy behind it from various groups but concrete results have not yet come to light – we are hoping to see some soon.

How can readers interested best get involved in future work done by the Multidisciplinary division, or A’J as a whole? 
The best thing to do is to read the division information pages, join the Arek’Jaalan mailing list and the Arek’Jaalan fluid router discussion channel and start asking questions!

Seyllin (re)visited

Seyllin I

Seyllin I

Rubble near Seyllin I

Rubble near Seyllin I

Show these images to anyone and they will recognize them right away: Seyllin I, the planet destroyed little over four months ago by the sheer force of a dying star. Or at least that is the official conclusion. One thing is certain, as good as the images I recorded are, they don’t do the reality justice. It really shows how insignificant we humans are as part of the universe. And how important it is for us to try and understand as much of that same universe as we can so events like this are not repeated.

What brought me to Seyllin was not sightseeing, but the First Seyllin Conference hosted by The Synenose Accord. During this conference several members of the Accord as well as guest speaker Evanda Char presented their findings to the public and sought to spark discussion and heighten interest about the Sleepers. While the whole thing lasted an hour longer than the official closing time never the less it was well worth attending in person. I received a lot of new information — as I have found reliable public sources to be scarce — as well as new food for thought.

And the after party wasn’t too bad either. Got to know Amaterasu, whom aside a friend of Inara’s seems to also be the lover of Reimei whom I’ve lately been talking a bit with at the Last Gate. Apparently Ethan lets them stay there. Speaking of Ethan, I couldn’t help but notice he didn’t manage to make an appearance. Wouldn’t surprise me though if something had come up to prevent that, his busy schedule makes mine look like vacation. Seem I will have to send a message to Evanda though if I ever want to get my question answered. She was kind enough to come to me at the Starscape Lounge but got distracted by an old aquintance whom I assume she hadn’t seen for a good while. Knowing that situation all too well I can’t hold it against her.

Fun with wormholes


In the aftermath of Seylinn, New Eden’s stargates were highly unresponsive which is asking for trouble when having to move through several high security systems as an outlaw. So I was forced to spend the last few days in Derelik where I had hoped to only halt briefly to pick up my exploration equipment. So what did I do when I finally arrived safely in Tzvi again? Get myself into even more trouble.

Mounting a core probe launcher on my ship and loading the other equipment into my cargo bay I set off to find myself one of those wormholes to study. Or well… the initial plan was to simply hone my probing skills but somewhere along the way it changed. Moving around the area for a while I finally found myself a quiet system to work in and soon enough I was staring at one of the most beautiful natural phenomena I had ever seen. A pristine wormhole nearing the end of it’s life cycle.

Curious about what would lay on the other side I willed my ship to jump and in a spectacular blaze of blinding light I found myself in new system unlike any other I have ever seen. The nebula consisted of hues ranging from blue to green. Heeding the warnings I had read of other capsuleers I bookmarked my location and began to move around the celestials. Most planets were barren and cold judging by their icy colors as the faint blue star in the center was not enough to warrant any life.

Looking at my scanner now I found out I was not alone here. I registered a Phobos, several battleships, and other big and nasty ships. Deciding it may be a good time to return I warped back to the bookmarked location. And just as luck would have it the wormhole was no longer there. Thinking initially this was an error I moved from the location and returned only to find that the wormhole must have indeed collapsed behind me. And as a pilot announced on local that he was “leaving through the wormhole you do not have bubbled” trouble was complete. Not only was my exit gone but one of the others would be tricky to leave through.

Throwing out all probes I could control and informing Yishal she may need to find another fleet commander for the scheduled roam that evening I began to look for a new way out. Picking up the signatures for several asteroid belts I discovered another wormhole near the system’s outer planet and began to pinpoint its location. Having it narrowed down to a sufficiently close distance I warped to it only to end up face to face with the previously mentioned Phobos. Knowing I could no longer return I activated the afterburner and crossed a distance of 50km in what is likely a new record as the hostile ship tried to break through my shields. Not even checking what security I’d be spit out into I warped and prayed.

And my prayers must have somehow got heard as I opened my eyes and found myself in a low security system in Genesis. Plotting a course to Tzvi again I raced through a string of high security systems with CONCORD on my heels. Having just faced an heavy interdictor, and unsure if an assault frigate would even make it through 1.0 I was shaking all the way home.

Taking a few hours rest stationside I briefed those present for the roam of my adventures and upon finding no targets we decided to jump into the fray a second time, though now as a team. This time without collapsing wormholes and ironically enough netting us more loot than we’d have found in the Bleaks.

Short musings on Seyllin


Quite a shock turning on the news yesterday. An entire planet gone and unstable wormholes appearing everywhere as the result of a star going supernova far before its time. And to think I woke up in such a good mood…

What baffles me the most is not the events themselves or the mess surrounding it but the reaction of the capsuleer community. Seyllin got flooded with spectators and others threw themselves recklessly into the wormholes after rumors began to spread about ‘things’ lurking in there. The Summit was booming with discussion as well. So many wanted to be the hero, the pioneer, discover something amazing and reap the fame and riches. Though I will certainly not blame them for seizing opportunity as it presented itself – I would be a hypocrite if I did, being both outlaw and explorer – it was the very manner in which it all played out that left me feeling just a little awry. Calmness and rational thinking were certainly hard to find, though luckily not all gave in to the craze.

What puzzled me the most at this moment is what triggered that star. It probably wasn’t even being monitored yet. I failed to find any information as well about similar events ever taking place. Everything just points to old information regarding the EVE gate. Makes me curious, if these wormholes give us access to previously uncharted pockets of space, will one of them connect to what was the other side of the EVE gate?