Winding down


icon08_12You might have noticed there has been a terrible lack of posts here. There has also been an absence on Twitter (I quit using it), forums (stopped reading them), and in the game, to go with that. So what happened? Well, despite all the nice things that CCP added to the game, they simply didn’t suffice to draw me back in. Or rather, to say it better, there are other things that draw me in more.

It’s been a busy time after Fanfest, both in the real world like in gaming. Right now Diablo III is, as expect, the big timesink. But there are two text games I also maintain a presence in, one which I currently am actively playing as I had to be selective, which also take up my time. And then there is the pile of single player games which suddenly grew very large because Steam went and put half my wishlist on 50% and bigger sales. I know, I could have just not bought them, but I want to broaden my gaming horizon.

Real life continues to ask my attention. Without going into detail, I’m going towards where I want to be in life, even though I don’t perfectly know yet where that is. But I can try and get the things that I do want, and have gotten some already. And if I liked EVE enough, I would probably be able to combine the two, but it’s a fact I don’t want to limit myself to EVE as a lifestyle any longer. Because being a CEO of two corps, having an alliance, maintaining a blog and having a social media presence is very much a virtual lifestyle. And with all that I also need to find time to make ISK and actually play the game.

Maybe I burned myself out. More likely though, my journey in EVE is either taking a different path, or coming to a close. I fought it very hard, much harder than I did with the last MMO I quit, but that was even at its peak not as much a lifestyle as EVE has been. There I just felt that I was suddenly repeating everything I had ever done and there were no new challenges in sight to keep me going. In EVE however, there are things I still have left to do and I do want to eventually do all those. But for now I am at peace with simply keeping my main account training, having the alt account inactive, and just log in to muck about with things a little and keep just enough ISK on hand for PLEX. Thank goodness that Incursions pre-nerf gave me some reserves so that even in my already casual approach towards them I still got a nice buffer. Suppose that says it all why they had to be nerfed, heh.

This hasn’t been an easy decision since EVE is responsible for some of my favourite social events in the year. I love Fanfest, it’s almost another world, all those players united in a common interest. Each year I meet some interesting new people, and have a total blast. What could replace that? I’m really not sure, so if anyone has thoughts on that I’d love to hear them. I plan at the very least to keep going to the London meets, and I do want to actually see more of Iceland someday. I’m also torn about the next Fanfest, it is a special aniversary, but can I warrant going if I no longer play? Those are actually things that are on my mind constantly and kept barring me from writing this post even though ingame I’ve handed over PRELI and told people that while the corp remains there in its casual state it’s really just over for me being a CEO.

And then there is the blog. What shall I do with that? I really enjoy writing, this blog was what made me realize that joy, and since then I’ve participated in other forms of writing, as close to home as Tech4 news, but it is also evident from playing text games I don’t dislike writing words. I’ve got my own outlets there, and they also are great for practicing speed reading, which is a useful skill to learn as I also got back into the habit of reading regularly (Kindle + Goodreads = my combo for success). But the thing with the blog is that it is not just about writing, it’s also my permanent presence on the blog pack since I was admitted to it, as well as being an official fansite and being part of the EON Magazine sponsorship. While I can live without my perks, and I’ll be the first to say I am surprised I am somehow still on the blog pack (thank you though, I too was hoping things my turn out differently) it does mean letting go. And that is never easy. Especially when you still enjoy doing something but you have other things you prefer doing more.

So, what is my decision for the blog? Well, if I am dropped from the blog pack, that is fine. I’m proud of how long I kept enough of a presence to be part of it even though I’ve never been a hardcore blogger. I’ll leave it up to CCP and EON Magazine respectively what to do, although if I will quit blogging entirely I will properly inform them. As for you, my readers, thank you for enjoying my ramblings. I feel better now I’ve gotten all this out, and we shall see how it plays out in future. Keep a bookmark or RSS subscription, I’m likely to give proper closure if I really quit and if not then I may write something about how my casual approach to EVE is going.

One last thing I didn’t mention yet is roleplay, oddly as that has always been a big thing for me. Whatever the future brings, I’ll always be an Angel. I’ll be damned if I am gone and suddenly the faction gets the attention it deserves, or they add pirate FW or all those nice things I have always been dreaming of. But I can’t stay around forever in the hopes they’ll be added. So I hope that if someday, somehow, this comes to be there will be others there to enjoy it and shape it. I am horribly biased but it is such a rich faction full of opportunities and I’ve only barely scratched the surface. Each unique Angel corp has added something to it and even together we’re only a shard of the whole. So I encourage roleplayers who have wanted to explore this faction to just go for it. You can hardly go wrong unless you outright deny prime fiction. Well unless that is part of your plan, somehow. And you have the sexiest ships in the game to associate with!

Fly safe (and / or dangerous) everyone, it’s been a blast, and I do hope it may be again, but if not then I can say I did nearly all I wanted to do and hold absolutely no regrets. Feel free to drop me a line ingame or so if you like to stay in touch but don’t have OOG contact details for me. Myrhial out o7

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  • Belloche

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do

  • KaedaMaxwell

    Good luck whatever you end up playing. I always really enjoyed your blog it’s been one of my favourites in the blog pack for a long time now, thank you for writing it.

  • Rixx Javix

    Good luck m8, whatever the future holds for you I hope it is what you want and more than you expected. Thanks for your time and effort on the blog, always a great read and stop for me.

    All the best and keep the courage.

  • Kala

    Take care Myrh! I will see you on the Steams! :)

  • Matariki Rain

    Sorry to see you go, but if other aspects of your life are coming together in interesting ways do follow where they lead. :)

  • Seismic Stan

    Sad to read you’re stepping away, but I totally empathise. I reckon you might sneak back by Winter, to get yourself in the mood for the 10 year anniversary celebrations on Top of the World.

  • Marc Scaurus

    Sad to see you go, one of the best of the best, not only in Eve blogs but also in the Blog Pack as well.

    I’ll be removing the blog from the active Blog Pack feed, but anytime you come back drop me a line and I’ll get you back in. 

    …Starting to think we’re gonna need an Eve Blogging Hall of Fame soon!